We've got your back

We've got your back

Meet our team of dedicated professionals

Meet our Crew of creative passionate professionals. At Catchphrase, these grey bearded men and headstrong milennials know how to make a difference for you.


Their unique blend of knowledge, experience and expertise has succeeded in creating a groundbreaking platform that turns your crew's briefings into the highlight of their week.


We're always open to meet experienced experts and young talent? If you're up for a meet & greet, drop us a line.

Curious about us?

The Catchphrase Crew

Meet the passionate game-changers of Catchphrase. We have a great mix of unique talents and creative thinkers. Together we work every day to provide your crew with a fun and effective briefing.

Gerwald van den Oetelaar
Co-founder & CEO

Creative and innovative entrepreneur with a passion for developing talents in organisations.

Max van Eijden
Co-founder & CTO

Enthusiastic and super smart leader of the product development team who can explain what we do to virtually anyone.

Frank Litjens
Sr. Digital Consultant

Pragmatic, curious & creative digital strategist with a strong focus on data and digital marketing science.

Lars Kuipers
Full Stack Developer

Creative front- & back-end developer helping the Catchphrase solution to function optimally and delight its users.

Mees Verberne
Front-end Developer

Pixel perfect front-end developer that makes the Catchphrase solution come to life in the hands of its users.

Roel Creemers
UX/UI Designer

Enthusiastic interactive storyteller specialising in strategic interactive communication with the end-user.

Marieke Gerritsen

Creative and dedicated copywriter, who likes to play with words and wears a red pen as an accessory.

Michael Wieler
Industry Expert Hospitality

Inspirational and enthusiastic Hospitality and Service expert. Service driven, pro-active and no-nonsense. He delivers, inspires and gets results.

Cathy Long
Industry Expert Football

Senior Advisor to sports clubs and authorities in the fields of equality, diversity and safety with an extensive record of achievements in the Premier League.