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Kickstart your Crew

Kickstart your Crew

Operational Excellence at your Fingertips

Creating playbooks together with all event partners involved, filtering relevant information by discipline and collecting feedback after each event.  These are crucial activities to make your (future) events a success.


These activities are not always as fluid and energetic as you'd like. Neither do you always have time to do it as carefully as you would like. 


With the Catchphrase Platform you give your team an interactive and energetic boost. The result? Your partners and crew feel more responsible, engaged and valued.

Our solution to (almost) every problem

Catchphrase Mobile App

Key information is not available
Crucial, role specific info, in one place
Progress screen Catchphrase App
Poor shift preparation
Short interactive shift briefings
Insufficient insight in knowledge retention
Interactive quizzes and knowledge tests
Knowledge disparity between team members
Briefing tasks based on knowledge level
Briefing does not match reality
User feedback on content
Tasks are overlooked
Structured task overviews and checklists
Shifts not running according to plan
Playbooks with schedules for each role
Panic Button Catchphrase App
Team members don't know eachother's roles
Relevant contact list & panic button
Tightly regulated chat channels
Proliferation of communication channels
Structured chat channels in the mobile app
Insufficient insight into motivation
'Mood checks' after every event
Evaluation screen Catchphrase App
Team members do not feel involved
Short, clear and fun feedback tool
Operational excellence in the works

Innovation partners

Johan Cruijff ArenA

The Catchphrase platform helps the Johan Cruijff ArenA to organise all events flawlessly and thus contributing to the ultimate fan experience.


With 100 international matches per year, the Catchphrase platform is indispensable for a smooth and successfull organization of KNVB events.


The Catchphrase platform, for Pollen, is the digital hub for organising the most amazing event experiences in the best destinations worldwide. 

Why choose Catchphrase

Proper preparation is half the job. It really is. Just look at the impact!

  • Creates lovely memories
  • Feels welcome and safe
  • Can rely on seeing familiar faces
  • Benefits from professional support
  • Can enjoy and relax
  • Gets a briefing specifically designed for them
  • Delivers unparalleled team performance
  • Gains quick & easy access to relevant information
  • Communicates directly and effectively
  • Gives feedback and feels valued
  • Strengthens the bond with the team
  • Saves time & money (which is always a nice benefit)
  • Direct insights into every status
  • Ensures that valuable knowledge is retained
  • And finally: reduces risks and avoids problems
The perfect fit with your organization

Live Events, (Theme)Parks, Offshore, Staffing and Business Events

As an Event Organizer or Promotor you know how to throw a party or organize a sports match! Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of planning and organizing. But you can only get this done perfectly with a team that can perform both in and out of the spotlight. Their motivation, knowledge, and commitment is your key to success.


And it starts with… yes! The briefing! We help you to turn your briefing into a party, so everyone knows how to give the guests the warmest welcome and best guidance.

Working in Leisure -or Theme Parks  is like a rollercoaster ride: quiet moments, peak moments, excitement, and yes, of course, the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day! Your team always has to be alert and ready, but in those peak moments, you don’t always have the time to guide them properly.


We help you with briefing your permanent or temporary staff during the holidays. We help you inform them in a way that’s just as fun and surprising as a day in the park! Never a dull moment for your team and guests!

As an organisation active in the Offshore -or Cruise Line industries, you are often managing a wide variety of team compositions and very tight schedules. While managing all those moving parts you may sometimes lose track of how well your crew members are prepared for the tasks ahead of them and even a language barrier could play into that situation.


Catchphrase helps you to get all crew members prepared fully, time ly and measurably regardless of their location or timezones. That way, everyone can board with ease and peace of mind. 

As a Staffing Agency managing temp workers that represent you with the client, you need to be able interact quickly. But does every team member move at the same pace like you? The reality is that people want to, but often lack sufficient knowledge. And when the pressure is high, there is no time to roll out extensive training programmes.


We'll help you deal with those peaks. We offer a fast, uniform and efficient briefing so your teams can get to work quickly as a trusted team members. We make sure everyone is aware in which direction they're heading. Together we'll get everyone on the right track.

As a Business Event Organisation it is important your visitors and relations experience a warm welcome and leave again with fresh new knowledge and new contacts. That's why you want your team to know all the ins and outs and know the location like the back of their hand. So that way they can help your guests with all the right information.


By creating and distributing the digital briefings and checklists you lay the foundation for an unforgettable experience. Catchphrase helps you to build a well oiled machine making sure your guests will return.