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Kickstart your crew

Kickstart your crew

Boost your briefings with Catchphrase

You are passionate about your job as a Manager or Supervisor. It just doesn't always go as smoothly and successfully as you'd like.


The Catchphrase Solution helps you to upgrade your shift briefing, provide on-site crew support, and collect valuable feedback on how to improve everybody's experience.


Moreover, the mobile Catchphrase App provides a playful and interactive impulse to all communications with your crew.

Our solution to (almost) every problem

The Catchphrase Mobile App

Team members are unprepared
Structured briefing
Progress screen Catchphrase App
Basic rules are unclear
Clear overview of house rules
Excessively complex procedures
Relevant items in focus
Complicated wording
Short and powerful messages
Tasks are overlooked
Structured task overview
No idea how everyone's feeling
Regular mood checks
incidents shut down the operation
Reliable on-site support
Panic Button Catchphrase App
Inadequate communication
Tightly managed chat channels
Tightly regulated chat channels
Insufficient up-to-date knowledge
A clear cheat sheet
Team members are not involved
Brief and clear feedback tool
Evaluation screen Catchphrase App
Lack of recognition
Cool reward system
Why you should choose Catchphrase

Proper preparation is half the job. It really is. Just look at the impact.

  • Creates lovely memories
  • Feels welcome and safe
  • Can rely on seeing familiar faces
  • Benefits from professional support
  • Can enjoy and relax
  • Gets a briefing specially designed for them
  • Delivers unparalleled team performance
  • Gains quick & easy access to relevant information
  • Communicates directly and effectively
  • Gives feedback so that great ideas don’t get lost
  • Strengthens the bond with the team
  • Saves time & money (which is always a nice benefit)
  • Immediately receives information on the status
  • Ensures that valuable knowledge is retained
  • And finally: reduces risks and avoids problems
The perfect fit with your organization

Events,Themeparks, Agency work & Sport matches.

As an event organizer, you know how to throw a party! Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of planning and organizing. You only get this done perfectly with a team that can perform both in and out of the spotlight. Their motivation, knowledge, and commitment is your key to success.


And it starts with… yes! The briefing! We help you to turn your briefing into a party, so everyone knows how to give all guests the warmest welcome and best guidance at your event.

Working in Themeparks is like a rollercoaster ride: peaceful moments, peak moments, excitement and sensation, and yes, of course, the pride you did it! Your team must always be alert and ready. Right in those peak moments, you don’t always have the time to guide them properly.


We help you with briefing your permanent or temporary staff during the holidays. We lep you inform them in a way that’s just as fun and surprising as a day in an amusement park! Never a dull moment for your team and guests!

As a Staffing agency, you need to interact quickly with your client. But does every flexworker move at the same pace like you? The reality is that people want to, but often lack sufficient knowledge. When the pressure is high, there is no time to roll out extensive training programmes.


We'll help you deal with the peak. We offer a fast, uniform and efficient briefing so your teams can quickly get to work for your client. We make sure everyone is aware of which direction you're heading. Together we're on the right track.

As a professional sports club, you need to keep playing until you get it right. You are responsible for a memorable and safely organized sports event. This requires knowledge, experience, and trust in and of the team.


With striking briefings, we put your team on target so they can score. The team feels that playing together not only provides work pleasure but also that their knowledge and insights are crucial for the final score. And that always leads to a good result. Game on!