Peak at the right time

Peak at the right time

Operational Excellence at your Fingertips

With Catchphrase, you share all critical information with your teams to make their shifts run smoothly and according to your wishes. No more outdated and lenghty spreadsheets, but a useful and up-to-date mobile app that ensures a flying start! Every time.


The Catchphrase Platform

Informs:Organisation Wiki
Organises:Task Overviews & Checklists
Directs:Interacive Playbooks
Supports:Life Lines & Protocols
Instructs:Briefing Modules
Tests:Quizzes & Tests
Evaluates:Feedback Module


Your compass at every step

 The Catchphrase Mobile App

Hit the ground running!

That moment right before the start is a special moment. Unfortunately, you can't always be there live to encourage everyone. But you can offer them practical tools and guides to get started so your Team is full of confidence, motivated and armed with the right knowledge. 


With our Organisation Wiki, we offer a tailor-made tool for each role. We collect important information and timetables in one convenient place and filter them automatically per role. This way, everyone purely sees the information that is critical to their role at every moment. 

Help is always nearby

Does doubt or panic sometimes strike your team? Do you get repetitive questions? Does your Team not always know what to do in case of an incident?


The Catchphrase Mobile App has a personal contact list with a 'Panic button' to immediately report an incident and reach out to the right contact. 


It also provides instant access to your key protocols.

Not to be missed

How do you make sure your team carries out briefings and tasks on time? Especially if you share them at the last minute, this is a challenge. You want things to run smoothly, but in practice this often proves difficult.


All your team members receive the tasks relevant to their role at the right time. In case of last-minute changes, your team gets a notification. You then get a complete overview of who has read the information. 


In addition, a structured checklist gives you and your organisation insight into all role-specific tasks that are open or have been completed.

Ready to test your knowledge?

Does the level of knowledge and experience in your team vary greatly? Do you sometimes doubt whether your team has understood what is expected?


A fun and playful quiz is therefore a must. The results tell you exactly who needs extra attention so you can improve the knowledge level of your team members.


The results of the periodic knowledge test also determine the briefing tasks the user receives. This way, your experienced team members only receive the briefing tasks they need.

Getting started

Is it a challenge to inform everyone well in advance? Is briefing in a briefing room no longer safe or becoming harder to organise? Then it's time to organise your briefings in a different way.

An accessible, fun and motivating briefing is an important ingredient for smoothly run event.


Our briefings are attractive, short and accessible, so your team can go through them whenever and wherever it suits them. 

Valuable feedback

Good can always be better and we're here to make easy for you! With your team's input, you can improve the content of your briefing modules without having to set up working groups or schedule multiple meetings. 

With our feedback tool, your team can quickly help you refine your briefing modules. Your colleagues don't just rate, they can also tell you exactly what needs to be changed or improved.

Communication and incident management

How many WhatsApp groups does your team use during work? And do you know exactly what is being discussed? And what if something happens? Then you want to have a quick overview of the conversations. For the safety of everyone, it is necessary to keep an overview of the communication. 


We have already set up all relevant communication channels for you. We help you to educate your team to keep the business communication businesslike in the place where it belongs.

Got a moment?

The job is done! Your team would like to tell their stories and share their ideas, and in turn, you would like to learn from their experiences. But nobody wants long evaluation forms.

Fortunately, there is our evaluation tool where evaluating becomes fun!

By involving your team in the improvement of processes, you also build a strong mutual connection. Win-win.