Shortcut to success

Shortcut to success

Our easy-to-use solution will show you the way

With the Catchphrase Platform, you share all critical information with your team to make your shifts run smoothly and according to your wishes. No more outdated and confusing spreadsheets, but a useful and up-to-date mobile app that ensures a flying start! Every time.


Key features

  • Amazingly simple online briefing.
  • A handy cheatsheet
  • Panic button for quick assistance.
  • We structured chat channels.
  • Playfully share your feedback.
Your compass at every step

 A fun and interactive briefing App

Attract and retain

We know an amazing deal about connecting and engaging people and are happy to put that knowledge to good use.

With our briefing solution we empower your crew with the right knowledge in a surprisingly fun way. We encourage, give rewards & compliments and cheer from the sidelines when good results are achieved.


That tastes like more!

Briefing & Debriefing

Prepare your team well with a fun, accessible and motivating briefing.


The content fits seamlessly with the event and the role of each team member. Tailor-made for everyone.


With the results of the quiz, which maps out what knowledge someone already has, you know exactly who needs extra attention.

On-site support

Sometimes there is doubt or panic. At these moments it’s nice to have a helpline.


The app offers two helplines. The first is the ‘a little cheat – page’ to quickly check the essential info. And also the ‘panic button’ to immediately report an incident or to call someone without having to find out who you need.


This way, no one walks alone!


Your crew wants to tell their story and ideas and you in return learn from the experiences of your crew members. But no one is waiting for long evaluation forms.


Luckily there is our feedback tool! This is how evaluation becomes fun!


By involving your team in improving processes in this way, you also build a strong mutual connection. A win-win situation if you ask us!